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Free knitting pattern Knitting pattern for jacket with sophisticated patterns

(Loop stitch) - Embossed Knitting Patterns- Free Knitting Tutorials - Watch Knitting- pattern 22 (May 2019).


Gray is boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Great ornaments make this jacket an absolute eye-catcher. Grab knitting needles and wool and off you go!

A true gem

What an eye-catcher: unusual patterns, a pretty button placket and two trendy breast pockets! Although this cardigan needs a bit of practice, it captivates with its beautiful details. The cuddly slate-gray yarn suits every occasion and can also be combined well ("Lunare" by Lana Grossa).

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Jacket in pear pattern with lace pattern stripes · Lunar size 36/38 (40/42)

The figures for size 40/42 are in brackets. If there is only one indication, it is valid for both sizes.

Material: Lana Grossa quality "Lunar" (58% polyamide, 42% cotton, LL = approx. 100 m / 50 g): approx. 500 (550) g ​​anthracite (Fb. 12); Knitting Needles No. 5, 1 Circular Needle No. 5, 60 cm long; 7 buttons by Union Knopf, Art. 23108, 20 mm ø, Fb. 831 silver.

Pear pattern: 1 st, 1 ml in stocking st. The M in each R staggered.

Smoother: back-to-back, back-to-back sts. Smooth left: back to back, back to back.

Hole pattern: After knitting over 10 between the arrows str. The numbers on the outside are the Hin-R, the outside of the back-R. In the height the 1. - 4. R 1x str., Then this 4 R always wdh. Paternand over 2 M (closing edges): In the Hin-R the 1st and 2nd M as to the left. Depend on, continue the thread behind the st and tighten. The last 2 sts. In the reverse R the 1st and 2nd M as to the left. Depend on, continue the thread before the M and tighten firmly. The last 2 M li str.

Mesh Samples : 16 M and 24 R pearlescence with Nd. No. 5 = 10 x 10 cm; 10 M and 24 R hole patterns with Nd. No. 5 = 7 x 10 cm.

Back: Cast on 78 (86) sts. For the trim 5 cm = 9 R pearlesse, 2 R each smooth, straight and smooth. Then again in pear weiterarb. Duplex Bind. for the hip rounds in the 5th row, dec 1 st at the end of the panel, then dec 1 st once in every 4th row. = 68 (76) M. After 14 cm = 34 R from the iris end both. for the inclinations 1 M first, then in every 6th R four more times 1 M each. = 78 (86) M. The increased M beid. logically insert into the pear pattern. After 14 cm = 34 R from 1st increase both. for the armholes cast off 3 sts, then cast off 1 st 2 times in each 2nd row, 1 st each time in 2 sts and 1 st in each 4th row. = 60 (68) M. Now continue straight. After the last armhole removal, once again 2 rows of stocking sts, stocking sts and stocking sts. Then continue the yoke in the pear pattern. In 20 (21) cm = 50 (52) R armhole height beids. For the shoulder bevels, cast off 5 (7) sts, then cast off 6 (7) sts in each 2nd row. At the same time with the 1st shoulder decrease for the round neckline the mean. Cast off 22 sts. and both sides separated weiterstr. At the inner edge for the further rounding in the 2nd R cast off once again 2 2 sts. Thus the M of one side are used up. Finish the other side the same way.

Left front: Cast on 43 (47) sts. For the panel, follow the sequence as on the back, while the edge of the piece (= closing edge) has the edge of the piece over 2 sts. and continue until the neckline. After the iris in succession divide: Rand-M, 20 (24) M pearles, 10 M hole pattern, 10 M pear pattern, 2 M patrol. Hip rounding, side slope and armhole at the right edge, each at the same height as at the back part arb. = 34 (38) sts. After the last armhole removal, pass the yoke in the same sequence as the back piece, continue the edge of the patent. For the neckline at the left edge after 8 (9) cm = 20 (22) R from the 1st plain re-R cast off 12 sts after the lower pattern division, then for the further rounding in each 2nd row add 1x 2 sts and 3 times each 1 M abk. Slant the shoulder at the same height as at the back. So all M are used up.

Right front: Opposite to the left front and with 5 buttonholes str. For the 1st buttonhole in the 4th R from the stop after the 3rd M on edge 1 U on the Nd. take and follow the 2 M according to the pattern. Knit in the remaining 4 buttonholes every 22 R at the same distance.

Sleeve: Cast on 40 (44) sts. For the trim 5cm = 9RPerlmuster, je2Rglattre, glattli and smooth re str. Then in succession graduation: Rand-M, 14 (16) M pearling, 10 M hole pattern, 14 (16) M pearling, edge-M. Duplex Bind. for the bevels after 20 cm = 48 R from the end of the aperture add 1 st toe, then in each 8th row add 5 times 1 st each time. = 52 (56) M. The increased M beid. logically insert into the pear pattern. After 21 cm = 50 R from 1st increase both. for the sleeve ball cast off 3 sts, then cast off in every 2nd row 1x2m, 14x1min1x2 sts. In the following row, cast off the remaining 10 (14) sts. Pocket flap (2x str.): With the round. and double thread from the 2nd smooth re-R directly above the hole pattern strip 16 M in the middle (the flap overlaps the hole pattern strip by 3 sts each) and knit straight downwards, starting with 1 reverse row. After the 3. R beids. for the slants in each row, R 7x 1 st each. = 2 sts. Pull the end threads through the last 2 sts and sew carefully.

Working out: Tighten, moisten and let parts dry. Close seams. With the round. From the neckline edge, take 49 M from the inside and use both hands. leave each 13 M of the front neckline free. For the collar, work as follows: 3 sts, ★ 1 st, 2 sts, from ★ 13 times, 1 st, 3 sts. In the following R the M str., As they appear. In the 5th row in each 2nd right rib, 1 st crossed from the transverse thread. In the following second row, in each overruled right rib, 1 st crossed out of the transverse thread. = 64 M. Now the sts continue to stretch as they appear. At a collar height of 8 cm, loosen the M loosely as they appear. Sew the narrow sides of the collar halfway over each 6 sts each of the 13 rows of the front M neckline (= lapel collar). Insert sleeves. Sew on buttons, also 1 button in the middle on the pocket flaps so that the flaps hold tight.

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