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How to Grill Meat the Healthy Way: Thomas DeLauer (June 2019).


In 2012, about 243, 000 tons of charcoal were imported to Germany, according to the Federal Statistical Office. The main suppliers are Poland, Paraguay and Lithuania. We explain to you how you can identify good charcoal that is not harmful to health or the environment, and with which coal you get the best results.

Coal or briquettes?

For the barbecue lover, the difference is very clear, the layman may have never realized it: between charcoal and briquettes there is a difference - a large even. Charcoal is created by charring wood at extremely high temperatures and under exclusion of air. In briquettes, however, charcoal dust and small pieces of charcoal are pressed into egg-shaped pieces. Vegetable starch such as potato or wheat starch glues the particles together.

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Suitable for your barbecue party

As a result, briquettes and classic charcoal have different burning properties. Briquettes burn much longer than charcoal and are therefore suitable for an extended barbecue evening, where a lot of barbecue food is to be cooked. But they are more difficult to ignite and become less hot than the classic charcoal. Better than firewood but both variants are: simple wood reaches much lower temperatures and also sprays sparks and sparks flames.

The best charcoal …

… you can usually tell by the price. Cheap offers are not automatically rated as bad, but you should pay close attention to the ingredients of the charcoal. Especially beech wood and bamboo are very suitable for charcoal, have a long burning time and give the meat a pleasant aroma. Coal, which is made from a high quality wood species, keeps the heat up to three times longer than cheap products.

Pay attention to the seals

In addition to the price-performance ratio play in charcoal and the health and environmental aspect of an important role. Also, if the charcoal label insures not to include endangered tropical woods, you should only buy products bearing the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal. Only then can you almost certainly rely on the fact that only wood from a sustainable forestry was used. The Federal Environment Agency also advises to buy only charcoal with the DIN test mark (DIN EN 1860-2). This ensures that the charcoal contains no harmful pitch, oil, coke or plastics.

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