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The winter says goodbye and the first rays of sun shine in our faces. Who does not want to open the barbecue season? We'll tell you what to look for when spontaneously grilling.

Tips for grilling

After the long and cold winter, when the first rays of sun shine in our faces and the air gets warmer, the desire for outdoor activities increases. The perfect time for grilling! Finally again crispy grilled meat, delicious sausages, vegetables and fresh salad.

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Invite in time

Our grill recipes can be found in the Grillspeacial >>>

So you decide to spontaneously open the barbecue season on a sunny spring day and none of your friends have time. Gone stupid! To avoid this situation you should definitely make an appointment to grill and inform your friends or family well in advance so that nothing stands in the way of a big barbecue. Of course, that sometimes works spontaneously, but it can happen that you then sit alone in the city park or at home in the garden on the whole purchased meat, because your friends and your family already have other plans.

Buy meat and sausages

Speaking of meat. You have now found an appointment to grill, without thinking that your favorite butcher next door has not even opened today. That's no problem, because when grilling does not necessarily have fresh meat on the grill. It is also safe to buy the sausages from the nearest supermarket. The advantage of the welded-in meat from the supermarket is that it is longer lasting and can be conveniently frozen until the next weekend, in case the BBQ party falls into the water due to sudden rain.

Drinks & side dishes

The grilled food is not the most important when grilling, because even for enough cool drinks and other little things such as sauces and vegetarian finger food, such as grilled vegetable kebabs, for the vegetarians among the guests should be taken care of.

So invite your friends and family to throw on the grill and make with our tips and recipe ideas your Angrillen an absolute event.

Whether grilled trout or grilled champion kebabs, with our recipe ideas your grilling becomes an absolute event.

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