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Knitting Pattern Pattern-Powder in the style of Twinkle

How to CROCHET easy Puff Stitch Hat / Beginner (June 2019).


The purple tank top in the style of Twinkle is a model for experienced knitters. Here you will find the free manual.


Gr. 36/38 and 40/42 (in brackets) If there is only one indication, this applies to both sizes.)

Material: Lana Grossa "Asia" (50% bamboo, 50% cotton, approx. 95 m / 50 g), 400 (450) g ​​in purple Fb. 10. Knitting needles No. 4 and 4, 5. 1 auxiliary needle.

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Waistband pattern (needles no. 4): 2 sts left, 2 sts left sts .

Basic pattern (needles No. 4, 5): M number divisible by 3 + 1 + marginal-M. Work according to the knitting pattern: 1x the 2 sts before the repeat, repeating the repeats accordingly, 1x the 2 sts after the repeat. In the back all M and envelopes left str. The 1st-4th Repeat R always. The exact breakdown is in the manual.

Diamond pattern (needles No. 4, 5): M number divisible by 10 + 4. Work according to the knitting pattern.In the back the m str as they appear. 1x the 1st-26th R str, then the 7th-26th Repeat R always. For the leaf in the center of the diamond there is an extra knitting, because in the back the increased M are knitted again. The leaves are in the 7.-16. R and in the 17.-26. R worked.

Mesh test: 20 M and 28 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Back piece: Cast on 90 (102) sts with needles no. 3.5 and knit 6 cm waistband pattern. For the basic pattern, increase 1 (0) M on both sides = 92 (102) and divide the M as follows: edge M, 28 M basic pattern, 34 (44) M diamond pattern = the 7 M before the repeat, 2x (3x) the Repeat, the 7 M after the repeat, 28 M basic pattern, Rand-M. In this division straight hochstr. Bind off for both armholes after 27 cm = 76 R Basic Pattern on both sides 1x 8 sts, in each 2nd row remove 1x3, 2x2, 8x1 sts and in every 4th row 5x1 sts. After 45 (47) cm basic pattern, bind off the remaining 36 (46) sts.

Front piece : Begin as for the back piece, but for the low neckline, after 27 cm = 76 R basic pattern, bind off the middle 12 (22) sts and finish both sides separately. Start at the same time with the armhole decreases as described for the back: For the neckline in each 2nd row remove 1x 3, 2x 2 sts and 6x 1 sts, then cast off the last 3 sts. The front part is about 43 cm long.

Completion: For the armhole trim, pick up from the back piece 51 (55) M, cast on 16 (20) sts as connection between the front and back piece and cast on 35 sts from the front armhole. Work 4 cm across the pattern on these 102 (110) sts, then bind off the sts in M ​​rhythm. For the collar from the neckline and the sleeve panels 120 (144) M, pick up: back piece 34 (42) M, sleeve panels 16 (20) M, front piece 54 (62) M and with needles no, After about 8 cm change from needles no. 4.5 to no. 4 and after about 18 cm total length bind off all sts. Close the side seams.

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