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Tip 1: How to learn to say toast

Five Basic Public Speaking Tips (June 2019).


Saying intimate toasts during a feast is one of the great Russian traditions. Unfortunately, not all of us can boast the ability to say a short, accurate and memorable toast. You are sure to cope with the honorable role of the one who eats at the next holiday, if you prepare for this in advance.



Volume. To make a successful solemn speech will help loud and confident timbre of voice. If you are used to speaking quietly, and oratory is not close to you, you should practice your speech apparatus. Learn a few tongue twisters, speak louder with your loved ones. Go to a quiet place (forest, bath) and shout plenty to hear your own voice and not be frightened by its sound. After all, a toast said quietly risks being heard only by the “speaker” himself, and the guests and the birthday man themselves will not understand why they are raising their glasses.


Brevity. Do not delay the toast for a dozen minutes or more. For hungry guests, the minutes will seem like hours, and they will not only get tired of listening to you, but will also become annoyed at the toast of morality. The optimal time for speech is about two minutes. No need to stretch the words, incidentally remembering what to say next. You must prepare and learn the speech in advance so that it sounds briskly, lively and preferably with a sense of humor from your mouth.


Speech concept You need to prepare in advance the structure of the congratulatory speech, i.e. know what and what follows, what words to use, what to refer to and how to make the final speech. Effectively looks toast in the form of a joke or an interesting parable. The veiled congratulation in the original form of a humorist or aphorism will be remembered by the listeners and will give them a favorable impression of the speaker.


The final. You always remember the final words in the toast, so you need to think carefully about the ending of the congratulatory speech. The last words are a call to raise glasses, therefore, it is necessary to bring your monologue to the beginning of the ringing of festive wine glasses in an original way.

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