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Tip 1: How to bless your daughter at the wedding

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Blessing her daughter at a wedding is perhaps one of the most exciting events for parents. Virtually every nation has its own traditions of conducting this important ritual. Christianity also has special rules for blessing.



Before you go to the wedding at the church, at the bride’s home, as well as at the groom, parents should bless their children. If it turns out that there are no parents, then this function is performed by the elders in the family.


So parents bless the groom . For this they need the Savior icon. Parents stand next to each other. The father holds the icon and three times crosses the son who stands before him. After that, he gives the icon of the mother, who does the same. The groom must cross over and kiss the icon.


At the same time, but already in the house of the bride, her parents bless her too. For this they use the icon of the Mother of God. The parents of the bride do the same thing as the groom's parents, that is, they bless her three times.


After the blessing of the parents, everyone goes to church. In the church, the parents are behind the newlyweds. They should be the first among all the guests. Parents of the groom, as a rule, stand on the right, that is, on his side of the groom . Parents of the bride stand on her left.


After the wedding comes to an end, and the newlyweds come home, the parents, according to the Russian tradition, meet them with bread and salt. They once again bless the newlyweds with an icon, and, as a rule, the groom holds the father. And the treat is in the hands of the groom 's mother. This is how the blessing and the wedding in the church take place. If you want the newlyweds to be happy in marriage, the whole process of blessing must go through all the canons and traditions.


Bless the icons of Jesus Christ and the Kazan Mother of God. These icons are considered to be the guardians of a new family and are placed in a holy corner in the home of the newlyweds.

Helpful advice

In icon shops or churches, special sets of icons are sold to bless the newlyweds during the wedding. You will also need small towels, as icons can not be taken barehanded.

Tip 3: How to bless the bride and groom

In earlier times, when only church marriages were concluded, there could be no question of a wedding without a parental blessing. Even if the bride and groom got engaged secretly without the consent of their parents, they then tried to earn their forgiveness and at least in hindsight to get the blessing of marriage. It was believed that only in this case their marriage union would truly be pleasing to God. Now marriages are registered not in the church, but in the registry offices. Nevertheless, in the Orthodox families there still exists the rite of parental blessing.

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