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Tip 1: How to decorate the entrance to the wedding

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In preparation for the wedding do not forget to decorate the entrance of the house in which the bride lives. Unfortunately, the appearance of some entrances leaves much to be desired, and in fact it would be so desirable that the wedding video be beautiful and romantic, without shabby walls and unflattering inscriptions.



Turn the staircase into a play area. It is unlikely that you will be able to play football, but it is quite realistic to put, for example, mini-tennis or a chess table. Think about what other games are available for placement in the entrance room. Backgammon, table hockey, and if funds allow you, even a whole slot machine with races, arcades and other games can be easily located in this territory.


Paint the walls of the entrance as well. In any weather and time of day the house will greet you with a rainbow and sun. Your fantasy can go even further. Paint the porch with hieroglyphs or fancy signs. For such drawings a lot of skill is not required - buy a spray with paint and make a few stencils on the printer. It can also be favorite cartoon characters and just animals.


If the drawing skill allows you, why not depict one of the wonders of the world on your walls? The Pyramids, the Colossus of Rhodes and many other things will amaze people passing by.


Make fun of people and gray paint draw smudges on the stairs, as if it is melted or washed off with water. Come up with a similar interesting effect and use it when designing the site.


Place as many plants as possible in an accessible area. If you are a big fan of botany, so why not use the staircase space with benefits. Many shade-loving plants will take root in its corners and will also delight people passing by.

Helpful advice

Keep the entrance clean. No matter how beautiful it is, the dirt will ruin the general perception of any beauty. Lay the mat one ladder to your staircase and one immediately in front of it. Be smart - hang up the ad "Wipe your feet!". Many people, just seeing the rug, will pass by, but having noticed a request or order, they will feel embarrassed if they do not fulfill the writing. Therefore, it would be useful to hang a sign.

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