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Tip 1: How inexpensive to rest in Moscow

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Moscow is known as one of the most expensive cities. Nevertheless, a huge number of tourists from Russia and foreign countries come here, because here it is beautiful and there is always where to go and what to see. Of course, if you do not have significant funds, you will not be able to get into cool clubs, fashion parties or concerts of first-rate stars. But cheap rest in this city, you may well try.

Resting places are inexpensive and interesting.

Before planning a budget vacation, it is worth deciding what exactly you want. If the beach and the sea - you can pay attention to Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt. It is in these areas that cheap charter flights fly. It is there that hotels of different classes are presented, which will fit any wallet.
With all the relative cheapness of the permit, you can save extra. There are two options - the first - early booking. In this case, you get a good discount on hotel accommodation. The second - last minute. In this case, cheaper plane tickets. But if during an early booking you choose your vacation dates and hotel, then in hot tours you will have to be content with what you have.

You can buy plane tickets on your own and save money. Just subscribe to the newsletter from the airlines and monitor the state of prices in the airline market.

In the event that there is no desire to fly to another distant country, you can go on vacation to one of the former Soviet republics. Abkhazia, Georgia, Kazakhstan - there are a huge number of attractions and unique natural creations. Mountains, lakes, seashore, etc. At the same time, prices for everything are rather low.
The most expensive trip can be a plane ticket. Therefore, such travel is better to make on your own car. He gives a certain freedom, and there is no need to spend the entire vacation in one place. For a short time, you can drive around the entire small country, having been in amazing places.

Rest cheap - on what you can save

On vacation in any country very much helps the kitchen in the room. Therefore, planning a budget vacation, rent an apartment with a kitchen unit. You can always cook there the simplest scrambled eggs, pasta, drink tea. Dining in the cafe, even the most inexpensive, always goes more expensive.

You can save on a trip if you rent not a room in a hotel, but a room in a guesthouse or an apartment. Such options are always cheaper, but at the same time they are not much worse than hotels in terms of comfort.

Today, tours of the country can be organized independently by renting a car. This is especially convenient if several people are traveling. Then for a little money you can drive around the main attractions, inspection of which does not require the presence of a guide. Huge plus of a rented car - you are not tied to a group and you can leave a place you don’t like at any time.

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