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Tip 1: How to respond to Merry Christmas greetings

How to Respond to Your Ex's Text Messages (May 2019).


Congratulating each other on Christmas, people show attention, a good attitude towards a person, they strive to wish him many benefits and give positive emotions. But there is not always time to prepare in advance the response gifts. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to have in stock a few express methods to correctly respond to the congratulations on Christmas.



On New Year's greetings, you can thank and respond with their own greetings.


On a birthday greeting in person or by phone - just thank or say thank you. You need to respond to a letter, e-mail, postal letter and respond with words of gratitude for not having forgotten about you and remembering an important event for you, in any form available to you.


On the holiday of March 8, if a woman congratulated you, you need to thank and congratulate her in return. If a man, thank. The degree of expression of emotions should proceed from the degree of proximity to you of this man.
On February 23, do the same. Congratulate a man in response, and a woman to express gratitude.


On national holidays, you can answer "Thank you, and the same to you."


On the holy Easter holiday congratulations are special, and the answer must be appropriate. Congratulation sounds "Christ is Risen", the answer should be "Truly Risen."

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