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After depression, re-fit life after burnout
Slimming with 30/40/50 Fit and slim at any age - health - 2018

Slimming with 30/40/50 Fit and slim at any age

With increasing age, the metabolism slows down, the pounds come almost by itself. FOR YOU reveals what you can do about it and how to stay lean. The fast metabolism passes in the 30s As a teenager and in his 20s, our metabolism is nice to us: He runs well at full speed, easily burns a whole bar of chocolate or a burger in the middle of the night

Brotnation Germany Bread from A to Z - health - 2018

Brotnation Germany Bread from A to Z

Many terms from the bakery are a mystery: For example, would you have known what shining means? Or where the pumpernickel got its name from? You will receive tutoring in our Bread Dictionary from A to Z. Sourdough, yeast dough, wholemeal bread, white bread, rye bread, low-carb bread, gluten-free bread, crispbread, toasted bread, brown bread, mixed bread, baguette and pita bread - nowhere is the variety of breads as big as in Germany

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