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Eating Disorder Diagnosing Anorexia - family - 2018

Eating Disorder Diagnosing Anorexia

Hanna-Charlotte is 1.62 meters tall and weighs only 36 kilograms. She developed her eating disorder three years ago. How does the high school graduate experience her anorexia, what does it mean for the mother? One destiny, two perspectives. The mother Angelika Blumroth (50) cares for autistic schoolchildren When I put two potatoes on my daughter's plate, she replies, "I only eat one and a half

Beikost grain porridge for babies stir themselves - family - 2018

Beikost grain porridge for babies stir themselves

The cereal porridge is often the first evening meal for your baby. He should be well-fed and provide your little sweetheart with valuable minerals. What you should consider when preparing, we tell you here. After you have successfully introduced the midday porridge for your baby, you may now want to start the evening porridge

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