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Grill-Ratgeber Grill rumpsteak properly - grilling - 2018

Grill-Ratgeber Grill rumpsteak properly

A nice crust on the outside, pink on the inside - that is how it should look, the perfectly grilled rump steak. With our tips, you succeed. This should be noted when buying Especially for grilling you should pay attention to the quality of rumpsteak. It is best to go to the butcher of your choice and have a fresh piece cut

Grill recipe Pizza with soft grilled garlic - grilling - 2018

Grill recipe Pizza with soft grilled garlic

When was the last time you had a nice barbecue in the garden? Too long ago? Here you will find great vegetarian barbecue recipes, such as this pizza with soft grilled garlic, potatoes and rosemary. Preparation time:30 min. Barbecue time:about 1¼ hours Prepare the grill for indirect medium heat (175 to 230 ° C).

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