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Recipe base broth
Traditional for Easter. Juicy yeast-cake - Easter - 2018

Traditional for Easter. Juicy yeast-cake

Whether for breakfast or coffee, with raisins or almonds - the Hefezopf belongs to Easter as the egg hunt. You can easily modify and individualize our classic recipe with some Amaretto, chocolate pieces or lemon juice. We hope you enjoy baking - and Happy Easter! ingredients 500 g of flour (type 550) 20 g fresh yeast 200 ml of milk 2 eggs 75 g of sugar 75 g soft butter 1 tsp salt Mark a vanilla pod 75 g raisins to taste Flour for processing 2 tablespoons hail sugar preparation 1 Warm the milk in a saucepan

DIY instruction eggcups for Easter - Easter - 2018

DIY instruction eggcups for Easter

With our DIY craft instructions for the perfect Easter wreath, you and your guests a wonderful Easter - even for the eyes. egg wreath The classic egg wreath is probably the most popular for Easter. And he is done very quickly. You need this: a polystyrene ring colorful eggs a ribbon a hot glue gun That's how it's done: Wrap a piece of ribbon around the styrofoam ring, glue it to it and knot it at some distance above the ring

Do you know the latest wellness trends?
wambo, lomi and huna - who is fit in the latest wellness trends?

Do you know the latest wellness trends?

Fango, hot stone and aromatherapy have long been established in the wellness scene. But modern wellness hotels, which hold something on their own, inspire their customers with ever new exotic treatments. Do you know the trendiest wellness trends? Test your knowledge! Do not you often dream about being pampered for a few days in a small wellness holiday

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