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Make health cough drops yourself

Make health cough drops yourself

With these delicious and healthy cough drops you are well prepared for the next cold! The sharp ginger and the sweet honey will relieve your cough and strengthen the immune system. How quickly and easily these vitamin-rich health care products are made, we show you here. Recipe for homemade cough sweets ingredients 220 g of honey Whether creamy cream caramel candies or fruity sweet lemon lollipops

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Cook: Recipes Gugelhupf on Zabaione

Recipes Gugelhupf on Zabaione

Mini cake with almonds and cranberries. Ingredients for the Guglhupf with Zabaione (for 10-12 pieces): 250 g of flour (type 550) 60 ml of lukewarm milk 3 tbsp sugar 1/4 cubes of fresh yeast 3Eier 175 g of melted butter 1 pinch of salt 100 g of dried cranberries Butter for the molds 200 g shelled almonds For the syrup: 325 ml of water 375 g of sugar 100 ml of rum For the Zabaione: 1 egg 2 egg yolks 60 g of sugar 100 ml sweet wine, z

Cook: Fresh fish plaice with potato salad

Fresh fish plaice with potato salad

The brown flatfish is fried in the pan with clarified butter. So he gets a full-bodied taste with a touch roasted aromas. The spicy potato salad is the perfect side dish. Plaice with potato salad Preparation time: approx. 1 hour Ingredients (for 4 servings) 4 kitchen-ready clods with skin (also called plaice, à ca.

Cook: My recipe for ... goulash with cucumber salad

My recipe for ... goulash with cucumber salad

When star chef Rolf Fliegauf visits his grandmother, he wants goulash. Why? Because it reminds him that mishaps can have something good. ... the most beautiful childhood memories Born in Schwabe (33), he is one of the most decorated chefs in Switzerland - since 2012, he has earned two stars each for the restaurant "Ecco" in the hotel "Giardino" in Ascona and the "Ecco on Snow" in St

Cook: Recipe radish vinaigrette

Recipe radish vinaigrette

Take fresh chives, apple cider vinegar, horseradish and juicy radishes and you're done with a delicious spring dressing for a fresh salad. Radish vinaigrette Preparation time: 15 minutes Per serving: about 130 kcal, 1 g EW, 13 g F, 3 g KH ingredients for 4 persons Wash radishes and apple. Clean radishes, remove the core from the apple

beauty: Beauty Tips Help with oily skin

Beauty Tips Help with oily skin

Oily, shiny and impure skin with large pores, pimples and blackheads is a nuisance not only in puberty, but a common problem among men and women. What causes oily skin and how to control shine and impurities is explained here. In normal sebum production, the skin is moist and supple, the skin looks smooth and pure

health: Schüßler salts New energy through gentle cures

Schüßler salts New energy through gentle cures

After the cold winter days, our body needs time to get going. Mineral salts can now give our organism the necessary impulses and stimulate the metabolism. Spring is a time of renunciation in many cultures. It is necessary to shake off the inertia of winter. In antiquity, scholars retired to solitude for a few weeks to fast

lifestyle: Stars Characteristics of the author & TV actress

Stars Characteristics of the author & TV actress

Marie Bäumer plays the lead role in the novel adaptation "The Other Child" by Charlotte Link. We interviewed Charlotte Link and Marie Bäumer. MARIE BÄUMER Born: May 7, 1969 in Dusseldorf, grew up in Hamburg. Career: Cinema breakthrough in 1996 with Detlev Bucks "Men's Pension"; Megahit: "The shoe of the Manitu". G

knit: Knitting pattern Longpulli self-knitting

Knitting pattern Longpulli self-knitting

Little effort, great effect. The Longpulli suits many occasions. Here you will find our free knitting pattern. Sweater with waterfall collar From: Sabrina - the knitting journal, published monthly in the OZ publishing house Size: 38/40 (42/44) 46/48 Material: 250 (300) 350 g corn-colored synthetic blended yarn (50% acetate, 25% cotton, 25% acrylic, LL = approx

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