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beauty: Anti-aging The Okinawa mystery

Anti-aging The Okinawa mystery

The anti-aging formula of the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa brings our hormones naturally in balance - and that is also good for our figure. As a 100-year-old island, Okinawa has been known for a long-term study of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ryukyu (Japan). The question was: why do the people of this archipelago in southern Japan live longer than anywhere else in the world

Wedding: How to come up with an interesting wedding contest

How to come up with an interesting wedding contest

A variety of contests and tests are one of the oldest wedding traditions that have survived to the present day. And in the old days, these tests were divided into two types: serious, real tests of the skills of the young bride, her homeiness and masterful grasp; and comic wedding competitions. Instruction one When coming up with a competition for a wedding, consider first of all the main contingent of guests, as well as their age, range of interests, social status, etc

Cook: Recipes mini pizza with ricotta and potatoes

Recipes mini pizza with ricotta and potatoes

Great starter when guests come. INGREDIENTS (for 8 pieces): 300 g of potatoes 220 g of flour (preferably type 550) 1/2 cube of fresh yeast (21 g) 1 pinch of sugar 3 tbsp olive oil 1/2 teaspoon sea salt Oil for the baking tray Flour for the work surface 100 g ricotta Freshly ground black pepper r preparation Wash 200 g of potatoes, cook gently, drain and allow to cool

health: Cystitis Gentle help with homeopathy

Cystitis Gentle help with homeopathy

Cystitis can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Instead of using antibiotics immediately, you can also help yourself with homeopathy. We explain how the gentle help with a urinary tract infection works. A stinging pain when urinating or even blood in the urine: bladder infections announce unpleasant

Wedding: How does a bride behave at a wedding in 2017

How does a bride behave at a wedding in 2017

On the wedding day, the views of all the guests are usually addressed to the bride. It is she who pays the most attention, so the girl should be able to stay perfectly beautiful and fun throughout the day. Instruction one Agree in advance with the witness about her duties. She is the one who should keep track of your appearance, correct your veil, hairstyle, train and dress, talk about when you need to lightly powder your face and draw lips, etc

lifestyle: Column Amelie Fried Phrases that can no longer be heard

Column Amelie Fried Phrases that can no longer be heard

Please no platitudes! Amelie Fried about spells that can get on your nerves Do you know these sayings that drive up the hair on your neck? One of them is: "Take a second piece of cake - you can afford it!" So that this is clear once and for all: I can afford the second piece of cake only because I do NOT eat it

Relaxation: How to organize leisure

How to organize leisure

The intense rhythm of modern life makes you appreciate every weekend. Of course, you can just sleep off or do a general cleaning in the apartment, but what could be better than to spend a day off with your loved one. Here are some tips that can help you benefit and spend your free time with your beloved

Camping: What to do on the May holidays in the country with friends

What to do on the May holidays in the country with friends

A few holidays in May is better to spend in the country . There you can cook shish kebab from morning to evening, conduct unhurried conversations with friends , watch the stars twinkle on a clear night. Of course, you should make a shopping list in advance and collect everything you need for a comfortable stay at the cottage for several days

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