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psychology: Zodiac Test: Scorpio

Zodiac Test: Scorpio

The scorpion knows what he wants from life. He is loyal and expects as much from his fellow human beings. Do you recognize yourself? Do our test! Who owns the zodiac sign Scorpio, was born between the 24th of October and the 22nd of November. Zodiac signs reveal a lot about the character, also peculiarities can be derived from the stars

Cook: Recipe Pasta Quattro Formaggi

Recipe Pasta Quattro Formaggi

Whether with a mild Emmentaler or savory Appenzeller: the recipe for Pasta Quattro Formaggi with a quick and delicious pasta sauce. Ingredients for 4 persons 1 red onion 2 cloves of garlic 2 stems of sage 3 tablespoons butter 1 tbsp flour 300 ml of milk 40 g Parmesan (in one piece) 100 g of Gruyère (one piece) 60 g of gorgonzola 50 g cream cheese freshly grated nutmeg Salt pepper sugar red wine vinegar Preparation: about 20 minutes Even more recipes in "1 noodle - 50 sauces" 1.

beauty: Hairstyles & Hair Styling

Hairstyles & Hair Styling

You are looking for a new hairstyle or hair color, but do not know which hairstyling suits you best? Here you will learn everything about the current trend hairstyles and how they are styled. Whether great updos or new short haircuts, we show you hairstyles that make you younger and with which you are very trendy

Cook: Recipe idea Cepar butter with oregano

Recipe idea Cepar butter with oregano

For fresh bread and baguette a spicy butter always tastes particularly good. During the mushroom season you should not serve the classic recipe with garlic and herbs, but try this creation with porcini mushrooms and oregano. It is worth it! Porcini mushrooms have firm flesh and a light to dark brown hat

Cook: Recipe idea Brussels sprouts puree

Recipe idea Brussels sprouts puree

The Brussels sprouts are a traditional vegetable from the German kitchen and with its high vitamin C content is not only healthy, but also delicious. You can simply prepare the Brussels sprouts puree and use them optimally as a spread. We wish you a good appetite. Brussels sprouts are not for everyone, but those who like them will love this recipe

health: Fitness and Workout Finally slim legs

Fitness and Workout Finally slim legs

With these nutrition tips and advice for the usual everyday life, you can get slim legs in the twinkling of an eye. With a healthier diet and some training for your legs, you will see rapid progress. Fit through everyday life Even small, simple exercises in everyday life can make great progress. Start in the morning in the bathroom: Shower your legs and your butt with cold water

Cook: Healthy and delicious recipes with avocado

Healthy and delicious recipes with avocado

Whether as a creamy carbonara sauce, delicious salad, fruity smoothie or crispy fries: the avocado is versatile in cooking and with the right recipes can prepare the most delicious dishes. Click through our gallery and be inspired by quick, easy and delicious avocado recipes. Green superfruit The avocado has its origin in southern Mexico and is called due to their shape and consistency also butterfruit or butter pear

health: Guide to help with varicose veins

Guide to help with varicose veins

For many, who discover varicose veins on the leg, is done with short skirts or knee-length dresses. We'll tell you what really helps. You would like to hide the ugly blue veins. But the problem is not just aesthetic: Over time, the veins can ignite and become a real burden. What are varicose veins

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