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Slimming your Almased shopping list

Slimming your Almased shopping list

If you want to start with the Almased diet, you should create some stocks beforehand, so that you are equipped for all cases. We give tips for your Almased shopping list. For the first few days of the Almased diet you do not really need much: Sufficient Almased Vitality Powder, for example, in the 500 grams of powder size, water, vegetable broth and possibly tea and coffee

Women'S Secrets

health: Healthy weight loss The by-diet

Healthy weight loss The by-diet

Incidentally, lose weight? What sounds like the best diet in the world, works like this: With the by-diet, developed by Stiftung Warentest, you can continue to eat normally and save lots of calories thanks to good alternatives. We have collected the most important tips. No strenuous calories count and above all, no starvation: With the side -by-side diet,you can lose weight without having to do without something

lifestyle: Enjoyment How to make really good coffee?

Enjoyment How to make really good coffee?

Because every cup is always "time for me" - 14 questions for three people who understand something about really good coffee. Our coffee experts Christian Esselun works as a sensorist at the coffee roaster Tchibo in Hamburg. There he composes the well-known coffee blends - and loves espresso

Wedding: How to organize a themed wedding "Alice in Wonderland"

How to organize a themed wedding "Alice in Wonderland"

The very theme of the wedding itself speaks for itself. This is an absolute confusion, carrying in itself all the most impossible and fantastic. The characters of L. Carroll can fill such a wedding with the special charm of a fairy tale, and make the event completely unforgettable. Both the costumes of the guests and the dresses of the newlyweds must be associated with the heroes of the book

wedding: Wedding money gifts from the heart

Wedding money gifts from the heart

For a wedding, the couple often wishes money, since the household is usually already complete and the celebration devours a large sum. How can you pack such bills but original? We have some tips for you. A few bills in a white envelope put, that must be enough. For real? After all, the wedding is one of the best days in a couple's life

Holidays: How to decorate the Easter table

How to decorate the Easter table

Easter table is simply obliged to be beautiful, joyful and festive. Eggs that have become traditional for the Easter holiday can be painted both in the old fashioned way - onion peels and food dyes sold in grocery stores and department stores. You can also paint the eggs with a thin brush or stick thermo-stickers on them, which are also available in many stores and supermarkets

Other: How to play brother

How to play brother

From time to time people have a desire to play a brother . At the same time it is not at all necessary to prepare jokes exclusively for the first of April, because you can have fun on any other holiday, then the person until the last moment will not guess about the rally. You will need Access to mobile phone and computer brother, knowledge of his route

New Year: Where to go in the new year
New Year

Where to go in the new year

How to celebrate the New Year fun and that the holiday was remembered, each family and individual citizens plan almost from the summer. In fact, there are plenty of ideas where to go to the New Year, so as not to spend the long-awaited days boring and monotonous. Instruction one There are ten foreign countries that are considered the most popular for celebrating the New Year among our compatriots

diy: Instructions Herbal spiral for the garden

Instructions Herbal spiral for the garden

A herbal spiral allows the cultivation of herbs in the smallest space, because the bed snakes conveniently upwards. We will explain how to build a herbal spiral for your own garden. The benefits of a herbal spiral The highlight of the herbal spiral is its shape. Winding up the turret winds up and thus expands the bed area immensely

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